Big Ben

Benjamin Baba Haruna "Big Ben"

“Mr Brights influence in this sport is beyond imagination. He has taught me a lot over these past years working for him as a surf instructor. Also in 2018, Mr Brights helped me to become a certified lifeguard”. BIG BEN

Benjamin Baba Haruna otherwise known as “Big Ben” was born in Accra, Ghana.
In his early ages Ben received a scholarship to move from Accra to Kumasi, where he completed his primary education. After which Ben moved to Takoradi to complete his high school education. These moments changed Ben’s life as he had the opportunity to meet new people and undertake new experiences.
After Ben finished High School, he was offered a job working for an NGO located at Busua beach, called Teach On The Beach. He’s job role for TOB was managing the operation in Busua, plus also playing a big role in educating the school children of Busua.

Ben loves to play Basketball, Frisbee, music and of course Surfing. Ben showed an interest in Surfing when he first moved to Busua, and this was where Mr Brights became good friends with Ben and started to help him with his surfing.
After a few years Ben became part of Mr Brights team and has been a huge asset ever since.

In case you want to know more about Big Ben and his surfing/surf instructor journey check him out on Instagram here.. @african_surf_star

Surfing with Big Ben was my best surf experience so far. He really takes a lot of time to explain and
knows how to motivate you to improve your skills. He was able to make me believe more in myself and thus to grow. Most of all Big Ben really embodies that the most important thing is to have fun while being out in the waves. And it was always fun.

Thank you Mr Brights and Big Ben 🙂

Daniela Krieger from GermanyMy Best surf experience!

I tried surfing for the first time ever in Ghana at Mr Brights surfing shop. My friend and I got a private lesson and Big Ben was our instructor. Ben was a great and supportive teacher and he helped me to get my first waves. The boards at the surf shop were great and there were also boards for beginners. I would highly recommend Mr Brights Surf Shop and hope to go there back someday!

Fanny Toivio from FinlandI would highly recommend Mr Brights!

Big Ben is amazing with the children. My daughter (7 years) adores him. He is patient and caring but has supported her to improve week after week. I highly recommend Mr Brights surf school and Big Milly's is a great place to hang out!

Helen McGuigan from UK/GhanaBig Ben is amazing with the children