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On behalf of WSL Africa we would like to acknowledge and congratulate Mr Brett Davies and the Mr Bright’s Surf School, on the growth and developments of surfing that they have been doing in Ghana. Africa and especially West Africa is one of the fastest growing regions in the world. Surfing has been proven to be a fantastic way of therapy for young men and women. It not only gives them direction but also makes them more productive and happy people, we need to produce more happy people around the world. Once again, a very big thank you to Mr Brett Davies from the World Surf League in Africa. Mr Nelson Mandela said you cannot change the world in one day, but you can change the life of one child, one day at a time.
Best of luck to Mr Bright’s Surf School. Keep changing lives.

Colin Raymond FitchWSL Africa Operations Manager

I have known Brett for 20 plus years, in that time I have seen him evolve as a surfer and person. Brett worked at Rip Curl for many years in sales then was promoted to product manager and then he got into surf coaching. Brett has been training and shadowing me to become an ISA (International Surfing Association) course presenter, as he is super keen to train the future coaches of the sport and particularly in Ghana and West Africa where he is now based. He is really doing his bit for surfing development in that part of the world and I take my hat off to him and wish him every success, and that surfing in Ghana will benefit immensely from his time spent there.

Baz HallSurf Coach Academy, Newquay, Cornwall, UK.

Having known Brett for many years through competing in the UK and working for Rip Curl UK, his love for surfing and sharing his passion with others really shines through. I have been following and supporting Brett along his journey for many years both personally and documenting his surfing and work in Carve surfing magazine. It's really great seeing Brett chasing his dreams in Ghana, and donating his time and effort helping the local surfers. Helping to grow the sport of surfing throughout West Africa, with gathering surfing equipment, organising surf contests and helping the local surfers. He’s a good lad who loves surfing, doing great things and he is an amazing surf guide.

Steve EnglandEditor in Chief Carve Surfing Magazine

Recently during our world tour with Major Laser, we spent a few day’s in Ghana. Ghana is such a cool place and the people are super friendly and welcoming. Whilst in Accra we heard it was possible to surf at Kokrobite which is close to Accra. I love to surf when and wherever possible when I’m travelling the world. We ended up at Mr Brights surf shop, Big Milly’s Backyard, Kokrobite. A few of the crew took lessons with Mr Brights and some rented boards. Mr Brights has a great setup with equipment to suit everyone, so surprising to see in that part of the world. Mr Brights also has a keen passion for helping surfing develop in Ghana, we had the pleasure of surfing with a handful of the locals and they were ripping. Had such a great time, I headed back the next day for a Sunset surf with Mr Brights. If you’re in the area don’t miss out, I will be back one day that’s for sure.

DiploDj producer

“Brett has changed the face of surfing in West Africa,”  “Give a kid a surfboard and see what they can accomplish.”

Sidiq Banda.

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About Ghana…


Ghana is a beginners paradise! Its home to a good range of waves that rarely get overly big. Combine this with friendly local people, a stable, democratic government, low prices, and an almost complete lack of surfers, and you have the perfect African surf destination for surfers of all levels.

Mr Brights Location in Ghana

Bordering the Gulf of Guinea, Ghana has a lush, green 335-mile (539-km) coastline (the Gold Coast), which is dotted with old slave forts and castles.  The capital Accra has an international airport Kotoka which is 1 hour from Mr Brights Surf School based at Big Milly’s Backyard, Kokrobite.  There’s a variety of waves with beach breaks, reefs, river mouths, and points to be found along the country’s predominantly southeast-facing coast.  With warm water and consistent albeit mellow waves, it’s one of the more relaxed African countries to surf in.

Ghana Surf

Ghana receives southwest swell from the South Atlantic Ocean.  The best months are May through October when swells of up to 10 ft (3 m) are possible, with waves occasionally getting hollow and powerful.  Most of the time the surf is head-high, however, as Ghana’s main problem is a lack of solid swell, making it a good idea to take a fish, longboard, or any other high-volume board.  The best time for surfing is early in the day, before sea breezes from the west blow out many waves, although some waves are sheltered from the wind.

Ghana Weather

The climate is tropical and humid, with year-round temperatures averaging between 74 and 90oF (23–32oC).  Downpours offer brief periods of cool relief, the wettest months being May and June.  Water temperatures average 79oF (26oC), so there’s no need to bring anything other than board shorts, with the exception of August to September when it’s a few degrees cooler and a spring suit may be required.