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Mr Brights Surf School:

Whether you have never surfed before, are in need of a refresher course, or have been surfing for years and would like to challenge yourself further, we are able to tailor all our surfing courses to suit your own or your groups needs.

Mr Brights Surf School is completely flexible and more than ready to set up courses to suit every individual during your stay in Busua.
Each course is designed to be informative, challenging and safe, but most importantly, ‘Fun’ !

Mr Bright’s Surf School guarantees that for however long you are with us, you’ll get a fresh, exhilarating experience that will not be forgotten!



This program focuses on teaching the skills of surfing and how to handle yourself and your surfboard in the ocean.

You can take one lesson or 10, it is completely up to you, everyone is different. Mr Brights surf school welcomes group lessons, private lessons or both. Mr Brights is here to help you learn and provide advice on all questions related to surfing.

The techniques covered in the Learn to Surf lessons are:



  – Surf Safety
  – Surf Awareness
  – Basic board handling and manoeuvring
  – Paddling
  – Positioning on the board for trimming
  – Push up position
  – Stand up technique
  – Catching and riding waves
  – Basic Learn to Surf information





Mr Brights Surf School will talior-make a course to suit your specific needs and requirements. First up, we need to know your surfing level, and after a brief spell in the water we will take it from there. Mr Brights has years of surfing and competition experience, so whether you want to perfect your bottom turn, re-entry or barrel riding techniques, Mr Brights is always on hand to offer expert advice and knowledge.


Most people head to Busua Beach for the weekend, so a Weekend Package is a great way to advance in your surfing. We can provide a full surfing experience, offering you lessons for the weekend, including board hire, video coaching and even a short film of you surfing!

You are also more than welcome to hang out at The Kangaroo Pouch Resort, which is the home of Mr Brights Surf School. We have an extensive collection of surfing movies for you to enjoy.


Mr Brights Surf School also offer video coaching. Things always feel very different to how they look, so one of our best teaching tools is the video camera. Video coaching enables us to show you exactly what you need to do to progress your surfing to the next level. We film from the beach to get the footage which is most helpful to you. Every level, from beginners to competitive surfers, all benefit greatly from the video coaching experience.

In the evening, we show the footage on a big screen via a projector. It’s great to be able to see yourself surf, but it’s also a lot of fun and incredibly productive.


Great discounts are available for large groups and are negotiable, so why not give us a call, email us or use our contact form to get in touch.

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