This coming weekend the 1st & 2nd December @ Assinie Jet Club, Assinie Beach, Cote D Ivoire host the last in the series of contest to crown the Ivorian surf champs.

Kame Surf contest is a series of 3 contest to decided the annual Ivorian surf champions.  The past and first ever Ivorian surf champion is a good friend Fred Roux.  Due to problems in Cote D Ivoire a new champion hasn’t been decided for 2 years.

The standard of surfing has risen fast in Cote D Ivoire and is a lot of hot new talent coming through the ranks.

I wish all the surfers in Cote D Ivoire the best of luck and that ocean brings good waves (forcast is looking good).

Unfortunatly the Ghanaian surfers and myself won’t be able to make it to the event, but hope to see you in the new year.

Have a great weekend guys

Mr Bright and all the Ghanaian surfers

For more info please check the link below!/events/297510753683332/