Mr Brights Surf School, Busua Beach.

Finally Mr Brights shop and surf school located on Busua Beach in Ghana is pretty much complete.  I would like to thank all involved in supporting me and believing in me, also a special thanks to all the local tradesman that worked hard to get the building finished.  I will be open for business this week, but please feel free to come and visit and checkout what is on offer.

I plan to launch the BUSUA BEACH BOARDRIDERS surf club this weekend during the Asaabako music festival.  We will hold a fun expression session to showcase the surfing skills of the locals. Mr Brights surf school will be the home for the Busua Beach Boardriders, holding regular meetings, video coaching, training sessions and a series of contest throughout the year to crown the annual Busua Beach Boardriders surf champs.

We will also be selling Busua Beach Boardriders T shirts and stickers of which all profit will go towards the club for funding travel to surf contests and surfing equipment.

Below are some photos of the shop/school in all its glory.



busua-beach-surf-school ghana-surf-school-ghana