International Surfing Day 2015

international surfing day 2015

June 20, 2015 marks the 11th annual International Surfing Day organised by the Surfrider foundation. Each year celebrations take place across the globe in more than 30 countries featuring surf contests, barbecues, film screenings and other surf-related activities. In addition to celebrating the sport and lifestyle of surfing, participants also give back to our ocean, waves and beaches by organizing beach cleanups, habitat restoration and other acts promoting coastal protection.

To celebrate International Surfing Day 2015, Surf Star Ghana and Mr Brights surf shop will be hosting a two day surfing event at Big Milly’s, Kokrobite, Accra.  This will be the first ever surf contest in the Accra area and will be a fun packed weekend for all.  Not only will there be a surf contest but it will be the official launch of Mr Brights second shop, based at the famous Big Milly’s Backyard, Kokrobite.

During and before the event we will be holding beach clean-ups involving the surfers the local community and any one else that wishes to lend a hand.  The surf contest will run with an open event The Big Milly’s open surf contest, and also fun tag team.  The event is free entry and open to all.  Also over the weekend there will be a local fishing boat race, beach boxing, volley ball, cultural drumming and dancing, surf movie screenings and the famous Big Milly’s Reggae night.

If your interested in participating in the contest or helping with the beach clean then either send us a mail  or call us on 0264 316 053




World Malaria Day – Busua Beach Surf Contest


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Slater Vs Ballack Surfing Ghana, Asabaako music festival

 Busua Beach Boardriders, surfing ghana expression session. Local surfers showed their surfing skills during the Asabaakoo music Festival, Busua Beach, Ghana



Who will be the winner?

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This coming weekend the 1st & 2nd December @ Assinie Jet Club, Assinie Beach, Cote D Ivoire host the last in the series of contest to crown the Ivorian surf champs.

Kame Surf contest is a series of 3 contest to decided the annual Ivorian surf champions.  The past and first ever Ivorian surf champion is a good friend Fred Roux.  Due to problems in Cote D Ivoire a new champion hasn’t been decided for 2 years.

The standard of surfing has risen fast in Cote D Ivoire and is a lot of hot new talent coming through the ranks.

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