This coming weekend the 1st & 2nd December @ Assinie Jet Club, Assinie Beach, Cote D Ivoire host the last in the series of contest to crown the Ivorian surf champs.

Kame Surf contest is a series of 3 contest to decided the annual Ivorian surf champions.  The past and first ever Ivorian surf champion is a good friend Fred Roux.  Due to problems in Cote D Ivoire a new champion hasn’t been decided for 2 years.

The standard of surfing has risen fast in Cote D Ivoire and is a lot of hot new talent coming through the ranks.

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Kangaroo Pouch Beach Resort, Busua Beach Ghana

Mr Brights surfshop/surf school is located at the Kangaroo Pouch Beach Resort, Busua Beach, Ghana.

Owned by a friendly Ghanaian couple Theadora and Sam.  Previously Theadora and Sam had lived in Australia for many years and decided to head back to their home country to set up their dream hotel at Busua Beach.

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Busua Beach Surf School, Mr Brights – Ghana

Mr Brights Surf School, Busua Beach.

Finally Mr Brights shop and surf school located on Busua Beach in Ghana is pretty much complete.  I would like to thank all involved in supporting me and believing in me, also a special thanks to all the local tradesman that worked hard to get the building finished.  I will be open for business this week, but please feel free to come and visit and checkout what is on offer.

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Asabaako! Music Festival Ghana


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Mr Brights Surf School – Nearly There .. !

Its been a tough few months to say the least. Spending time away from my family, registering Mr Brights Surf School as a formal business in Ghana. Securing suitable land, building permissions & the Surf School construction, but it is finally all coming together and I’m so very exited now for what the future holds.

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